If you've been unfollowed

Agnieszka Boeske

Following and unfollowing in the social media world can be capricious. Before we only got a menu at a restaurant, but now the entire Western life is one huge colorful menu, and what you ate on Monday, you don't have to necessarily digest again on a Tuesday. Every turn can be customized, every voice pressed on or off at will. 

It wasn't the case before, living in tight-knit communities. The town gossip, the priest, the scoundrel, the drunk, the swains, the lord, and the relatives were there to stay for life, for the most part, barring sudden catastrophe or conscription. And you had to grow with it. 

Sometimes I wonder whether our growth is somewhat stunted from being able to choose too freely, too frequently? When news content and feeds are tailored to our particular surfing and clicking patterns? When we too easily friend and unfriend, both in cyberspace and physical space? 

And do we do the same with God? Today I follow, tomorrow I unfollow? Or follow this Bible verse, unfollow the next one... 

It strikes me that the only one who doesn't do this in our lifetime is God himself, for we are told, "Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life." Even when you've blocked him, he hasn't blocked you. While you have life and breath, he will never unfollow you because he doesn't deal in capricious currency. For you, he deals in his own lifeblood. 


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