Running shoes, rocking chair

Erika Thorpe
I'm pausing and thanking God tonight because stress makes me real. Stress halts the pursuit of perfection. Stress shoves on the glasses and the running shoes and leaves the lipstick behind because there was no other way to get to the school on time. Stress makes me ask the three questions instead of the cocky, half-listening one because when stress runs the clock, there may not be time to repeat that conversation or hear that person again. Stress gives pride a punch in the gut and makes yes-man me learn to say no with grace for the love.

I'm always praying for stress to go away. Always looking at stress as the enemy. If only...

But today I thank God for what he knows is good for me, and because he is good, and because he is real and wants me to be real too. Reality could never be so picture perfect for long. There is a time for running in three directions at once, and there will be a time for simply rocking in the still of the night. Yet at either time, the heart has to be held up like a cup, receiving and thankful, ready and real.

(Five-minute Friday: Today's prompt was "real.")


  1. What a wonderful post! Joining you from FMF. Thank you for sharing. Happy Spring!

  2. This is beautiful, and exactly what I needed to read tonight. I love how you wrote, "Stress gives pride a punch in the gut..." Thank you for sharing your heart.
    (Visiting from Five Minute Friday)


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